Beekman 1802 Bar Soap 4 Pack, Colour


 Perfect for gifting!

4 bars of goat milk soap, 3.5oz each

Cruelty Free and Triple Milled

Pure Goat Milk: Creamy goat milk and botanicals deeply nourish and moisturize skin, giving you long lasting freshness. Completely fragrance free, and perfect for sensitive skin. 

Honeyed Grapefruit: Goat milk, grapefruit, and exfoliating guava leaf combine to create a soap that's soft in texture and brightly scented, giving your skin a natural glow. 

Arcadia: A creamy goat milk soap enriched with meadowfoam oil to provide your skin with lasting moisture and scented with graceful notes of jasmine and clematis.

Sweet Grass: Celebrate the scents of summer all year long with the earthy aromas of rosemary, mint and sweet grass. This bar deeply cleanses skin and delivers a crisp, natural moisture.

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