Care by Me Cashmere Socks

$98.00 CAD

Say HELLO to SOFT FEET - socks in cashmere and terry. You have never felt anything like this - it's the perfect match for slow days, where you want to coddle yourself and enjoy life. 

Please note that the socks are delicate and a soft luxury product that must be treated with a little care. Use the socks exclusively as a sleeping sock, or with shoes / slippers on, so that they last as long as possible.

Also perfect for relaxation time at yoga or pilates and on longer flights where a little extra comfort is needed.

This sock is for keeping your tootsies warm indoors and not for active outdoor wear.


20:80:15 cashmere:wool:lycra


Size 1: 35-38

Size 2: 39-41

Care instructions: machine wash at 30 degrees. 

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